Christmas decorations stolen from the shop windows of two stores in Palermo

A man stole Christmas decorations from two shops on Via Mariano Stabile in Palermo. He took the garlands that decorated the two businesses: a jewelry store and an art gallery. The man arrived with a green trash container and removed the decorations from the windows. The theft was caught on surveillance cameras. “It is truly shameful that we are continually victims of thefts,” say the shop owners. “Not only do they break the windows and cause extensive damage, but now they are stealing Christmas decorations. The man acted undisturbed for a long time, taking down the decorations. It’s a shame. We had invested to make our shops more festive and welcoming. This morning, when we opened, we had the unpleasant surprise.” This is not the first time Via Mariano Stabile has been victim to thefts.

Palermo, rubati gli addobbi natalizi dalle vetrine di due negozi

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