Child driving stolen scooter in Catania: mother reported

A boy under 14 years old was stopped by the police in Catania while driving a motorcycle that had been reported stolen the day before. The case was reported to the Juvenile Court, while the boy was handed back to his mother, who was then reported to the District Prosecutor’s Office. The motorcycle was returned to its rightful owner. During checks in the San Giovanni Galermo district, police examined 93 vehicles and 184 people, issuing 19 traffic violations, mostly for driving without a license or insurance, resulting in fines and administrative seizures. 4 businesses were also inspected, with 3 found to be illegal. The police collected about 60,000 euros in fines and donated perishable food products seized during the operation to charitable organizations. They also detected electricity theft and confiscated 30 weapons and numerous ammunition as part of a monitoring of local gun owners to ensure compliance with medical certification requirements.

Catania, un ragazzino alla guida di uno scooter rubato: denunciata la madre

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