Chiara Ferragni posts video on social media: “I’m half Sicilian, they say arancini”

Chiara Ferragni tackles a topic that has always divided Western Sicily from Eastern Sicily, between serious and playful: “I am half Sicilian, they say arancini”.

The statement, posted on social media, comes in response to a user who had commented on a previous post by the entrepreneur, in which the phrase “Arancini way of life” appeared: “In Palermo they say arancine – Ferragni explains – in Catania they say arancini. I say it this way because my mom is from Catania: I am half Sicilian. So that’s right”. Obviously, even in this case, social media users have divided between supporters of one faction or the other.

The arancine/arancini debate unfolded as Chiara Ferragni reached Catania Airport: she was among the first celebrities to arrive on Vulcano Island in recent days, where she was one of the guests at Diletta Leotta’s wedding. The entrepreneur, who traveled without her children, shared on Instagram some photos of herself enjoying a croissant outside Catania Airport and then in the company of the bride.

Chiara Ferragni posta un video sui social: «Sono mezza siciliana, si dice arancini»

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