Cgil Sicilia launches “Belle Ciao” platform for female employment support and violence prevention

In 2022, 1,631 working mothers left their jobs due to difficulties related to the lack of services, contributing to the number of unemployed women. Female employment in Sicily is currently at only 30.5%, 24 points lower than male employment. These statistics were presented in the “Belle Ciao” platform at the general assembly of Cgil Sicilia, highlighting the challenges women still face in society and the job market, including discrimination and gender-based violence. The platform aims to address these issues collectively and not just for women, with goals including support for female employment, reducing wage disparities, fighting pension discriminations, and improving women’s quality of life. One proposal is an extraordinary plan for female employment in regional, healthcare, educational, and social service sectors. This platform will contribute to ongoing efforts to improve the condition of women in the region.

Cgil Sicilia presenta la piattaforma «Belle Ciao» per il sostegno all’occupazione femminile e il contrasto alla violenza

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