Catania’s Fontanarossa Airport is back in operation.

The Catania Fontanarossa airport, closed since yesterday morning at 5 am due to the ash produced by Mount Etna, has reopened. The airport management company announced that it reopened at 6 am and advises passengers to check the status of their flights with the airlines. Yesterday, all outbound flights from Catania were canceled, while incoming flights that were not canceled were diverted to Trapani and Comiso. The airport closure on the eve of Ferragosto caused a lot of inconvenience for passengers. Airlines have communicated alternative destinations at other airports. According to regulation 261 of 2004, although the airlines are not responsible for the disruption, they must reimburse the traveler for any extra expenses incurred to reach their destination if the airline has not provided assistance. Passengers have the option to decline rebooking if it is scheduled for days after their desired travel date. In this case, passengers can purchase a new ticket with another airline at a different airport and then take public transportation or a taxi to reach Catania. It is essential to retain the original flight reservation for Catania, as well as all receipts and invoices for the expenses incurred to request reimbursement. The airline may, by mutual agreement, decide to operate the flight by diverting it to another airport. However, it is the responsibility of the airline to provide assistance to reach the Catania airport. If this does not occur, the traveler can incur costs for public transportation and/or taxis to reach the airport and request reimbursement from the airline.

Catania, l’aeroporto di Fontanarossa è tornato operativo

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