Catania woman, 70, attempts suicide: saved by police.

The Carabinieri save a 70-year-old woman who had decided to commit suicide. It happened in Viale Grimaldi, in the Librino neighborhood. According to the initial reconstruction, a woman at home leaned out of the balcony trying to jump off. The Carabinieri, who were patrolling the area, witnessed the scene.

The officers tried to persuade the woman, establishing a dialogue and creating a climate of trust. After a few minutes, the woman was convinced to go back inside. In the meantime, the Carabinieri contacted the woman’s relatives and emergency services. An ambulance arrived on the scene. The woman was then examined by healthcare professionals and transported to the emergency room at the “San Marco” hospital for further evaluations. The reasons that led the elderly woman to attempt suicide remain unknown.

The Carabinieri remind that there is always a helpline available for requests of help: Telefono Amico 199.284.284; Telefono Azzurro 1.96.96; Progetto InOltre 800.334.343; De Leo Fund 800.168.678.

Catania, donna di 70 anni tenta il suicidio: salvata dai carabinieri

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