Catania: Truck crashes through guardrail on State Road 121, hangs in balance: one injured and traffic at a standstill

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A truck driver lost control and crashed through the guardrail while transporting an agricultural vehicle on State Road 121. The accident occurred between the Piano Tavola and Motta Sant’Anastasia exits, heading towards Catania.

The heavy vehicle went off the road, jumped over the barrier, and remained balanced on the edge of the road. There were moments of fear for the man behind the wheel, as well as for other motorists who witnessed the scene and immediately called the emergency number 112. The emergency medical services arrived on the scene to assist the driver.

Law enforcement also arrived at the scene to conduct investigations and reconstruct the incident. According to initial findings, no other vehicles were involved. The accident caused severe traffic delays, as the circulation of cars was blocked awaiting the arrival of emergency responders and the removal of the vehicle. Investigations are ongoing. In the same stretch of road in December, two people were injured in a collision involving three cars. A 53-year-old man, his twenty-year-old son, and an elderly person were hospitalized in that incident.

Catania, camion sfonda il guardrail sulla statale 121 e resta in bilico: un ferito e traffico in tilt

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