Catania soon to have electric or hydrogen buses, Trantino: “Technological and eco-friendly vehicles”

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“Reducing emissions in the transport sector is a key element in combating climate change. The Metropolitan City of Catania will equip itself with a bus fleet with more technologically advanced and environmentally friendly engines. We therefore want to increase the services of local public transport with a view to environmental sustainability, inserted in a larger project that includes the opening of new metro stops, intermodal transport and smoother connections between Catania and the surrounding areas.”

This was stated by the metropolitan mayor of Catania, Enrico Trantino, who convened a technical meeting to address a topic full of prospects for public transport: the gradual transition from old buses powered by fossil fuels to those that do not require oil derivatives and run on methane, electricity or hydrogen, in compliance with the energy transition directives provided by the National Strategic Plan for Sustainable Mobility. At the technical meeting, held at the headquarters of the Metropolitan City, many mayors interested in protecting the environment and human health through sustainable urban mobility development participated.

Funds for the purchase of new buses have been allocated by the ministry to the Metropolitan City of Catania, which has drawn up a spending plan spread over 15 years, from 2019 to 2033. The first five-year period, already concluded, has provided for the possibility of purchasing vehicles exclusively powered by methane. In the coming years, the focus will shift towards the purchase of electric and hydrogen buses, which however require specific infrastructure for electric recharging or hydrogen engines.

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