Catania rental boat almost sinks: three people manage to escape

They rent a boat, but the weather conditions are not in their favor and they risk sinking. Misadventure in Catania for three people who wanted to spend a few carefree hours and enjoy the first days of summer: rough seas caused an accident that ended happily.

After taking on water, the three still tried to reach the shore. They were not far from Plaia, where in the end the small boat ran aground, now semi-sunk. The group managed to abandon the boat in time and reach the beach. Meanwhile, the harbor master was alerted and quickly went to the scene to assess what had happened. An ambulance from the 118 emergency service also arrived, and the medical staff confirmed the good health of the passengers.

At the end of May, another sea incident occurred on the Aeolian Islands, in this case off Alicudi: a 4-year-old child was rescued by the coast guard, who was on a sailboat. Due to the child’s medical condition and the distance from the coast, in coordination with the Italian Radio Medical Center, the aerial intervention of a Nemo aircraft from the Coast Guard aircraft station in Catania was arranged. The child was later stabilized aboard the helicopter by the medical staff and safely transported to the Policlinico of Messina.

Catania, la barca a noleggio rischia di affondare: tre persone riescono a mettersi in salvo

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