Catania, on probation for social services but caught stealing: previously convicted individual returns to prison

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Agents from the Flying Squad of the Catania Police Headquarters have arrested a 52-year-old criminal with a criminal record, following an order to increase his sentence issued by the Catania Supervisory Court. The man was already subject to the alternative measure of being placed on probation under the supervision of social services, but in recent weeks he was caught by the police stealing switches and electrical materials from a former municipal office on via Domenico Tempio, taking advantage of the temporary vacancy of the building. On that occasion, the man was reported for aggravated theft in collaboration with another criminal. This led the judge to issue the order to increase the precautionary measure, deciding to send the criminal back to prison.

Catania, è in prova ai servizi sociali ma va a rubare: pregiudicato torna in carcere

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