Catania, old friend found on social media scams woman

In Catania, a 47-year-old unemployed man attempted to scam an old friend he had tracked down on social media, from whom he managed to get 500 euros in exchange for two expensive Swiss chronographs that he falsely claimed to have. Upon discovering the deception, the victim turned to the police, who reported the man for fraud.

The man, 47 years old, had told his friend that he had become a manager of a well-known airline company based in the United Arab Emirates, able to secure a deal in the luxury watch sector by procuring valuable and rare pieces at a particularly advantageous price. After meeting him, the victim commissioned two watches and made a bank transfer of 500 euros to his account. After a month of waiting, the woman decided to contact the man’s brother and discovered that she had been deceived.

Catania, truffa l’amica di vecchia data ritrovata sui social

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