Catania nightlife areas under scrutiny: sanctions for illegal parking and vendors

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Over the past weekend, as usual, the police forces carried out specific monitoring and control services in the historic center of Catania, in accordance with the directives of the Minister of the Interior and as agreed upon in the Committee for Public Order and Safety between the prefect of Catania and the provincial heads of the police forces. The intervention took place in the area around Piazza Vincenzo Bellin, with officers from the Catania police headquarters, the traffic police section, Finance Guard soldiers, and local police patrols, supported by forensic police operators and reinforcement units from the XIV Carabinieri Battalion, coordinated by an officer from the State police. In both zones, the operators carefully observed people passing through or staying in pedestrian areas to prevent excessive or illegal behavior. They also patrolled the squares and surrounding streets and set up various checkpoints. In the area of Piazza Bellini, the police and Finance Guard officers were stationed to prevent access to the pedestrian zone from side streets, especially by motorcycles, and monitor the conduct of visitors to prevent and counter widespread illegal activities such as drug trafficking or alcohol abuse among young people. Special attention was paid to Via San Giuliano, where constant police and local police presence prevented frequent double parking, allowing for smooth traffic flow and specific checks on passing vehicles. During these services, 103 people were identified, including 13 with criminal records. 75 vehicles were inspected, and 23 traffic violations were reported by the local police. In addition, two helmet violations resulted in administrative seizure, and three public establishments were inspected. Police officers focused on preventing illegal parking, catching two known individuals engaging in illegal parking, who were fined and one even reported for disregarding authority. In the San Cristoforo neighborhood, the action by the carabinieri was aimed at combating drug dealing among young people and other predatory crimes. They checked 39 people and 19 vehicles, reporting 17 traffic violations and issuing fines totaling €970. Six alcohol checks were conducted using a breathalyzer, and a sweet vendor was fined €17,000 for illegally occupying public space and trading without proper licenses. All his materials were seized.

Catania, controlli nelle zone della movida: sanzioni per posteggiatori e venditori abusivi

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