Catania, new railing to protect Castello Ursino

The laying of the new protective railing at Castello Ursino in Catania has begun, replacing the previous fence installed during previous construction works in the moat of the castle. The operations are being carried out by a specialized company under the supervision of the maintenance department led by Giovanni Petralia, with the support of Giovanni Origlio. This initiative is part of the mayor Enzo Trantino’s plan to remove the eyesore that hindered tourists from photographing the historic monument. The total cost of the project is around 53,000 euros and is expected to be completed in approximately two months. The funding for the project, developed in collaboration with the cultural and environmental heritage superintendent, was made available by the mayor’s chief of staff, Giuseppe Ferraro, responsible for managing the proceeds from the tourist tax.

Catania, nuova ringhiera a protezione del Castello Ursino

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