Catania: Launch of Project to Combat Child Educational Poverty in Librino.

In the next few days, a project called “Youth and Parents at the Center” will begin in the Librino neighborhood of Catania, Italy, aimed at combating childhood educational poverty. The project is the result of a territorial pact between 15 schools, 10 third sector organizations, 2 productive entities, and numerous individuals. The first meetings will take place on September 7th and 8th. Coordinated by the NGO Co.Pe, the initiative was selected by the social enterprise “With children” and will involve families in the neighborhood. The project aims to expand and strengthen the “Catanese Intercultural Education Hub”, which has been active since 2014 in the neighborhood to combat illegal activities and prevent school dropouts through a territorial pact between schools, cultural associations, NGOs, immigrant communities, universities, production entities, and international partners. The initiative seeks to identify and train specific families to act as monitors in the area, engaging and encouraging the participation of additional families. Co-planned activities will be initiated through consultation and active involvement of parents and children, who will also be part of the reflection process and the signing of a community pact for the neighborhood. This will play a fundamental role in strengthening the bond between local actors and providing a synergistic response to the lack of educational opportunities outside of school.

Catania, al via a Librino un progetto contro la povertà educativa minorile

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