Catania commemorates Monsignor Guglielmo Giaquinta 30 years after his death

The “Pro Sanctitate Movement” and the “Oblate Apostolics” of Catania recently commemorated the thirtieth anniversary of the passing of their founder, the venerable Monsignor Guglielmo Giaquinta, in the city of Catania. They organized the “Festival of the Alliance”, with a Eucharistic celebration presided over by Archbishop Luigi Renna.

Speaking about Father Giaquinta, Oblate Mirella Scalia explained: “Originally from Noto, he moved to Rome with his family at the age of 10 in 1924, where he matured his priestly vocation; he later became bishop of Tivoli in 1968. Convinced that holiness was ‘an invitation addressed to all’, he shared this vision of universal love with those close to him, and in 1947 a group of women responded to the call ‘to consecrate their lives to the ideal of holiness’ and founded the Secular Institute of the Oblate Apostolics”.

The apostolic and missionary activities of these consecrated lay women led to the establishment of the “Pro Sanctitate Groups”, which developed into the movement engaged in both ecclesiastical and social activities. The “Oblate Apostolics Pro Sanctitate” also operate in other parts of Italy, as well as in America, India, and Latvia.

To mark the thirtieth anniversary of Monsignor Giaquinta’s passing, guests of the “Home Sister Elisabeth” community in the church of San Nicolò al Borgo, coordinated by Oblate Antonella Cipriano, presented an animated story of the charismatic priest’s life. The “Festival of the Alliance” of the movement took place in the church of Sant’Agata al Borgo, with Archbishop Luigi Renna.

Antonella Ruggeri, the head of the oblates in Catania, commented: “The Pro Sanctitate Movement, in full fidelity and harmony with the Church and its pastors, is vitally inserted in the dioceses and parishes. It seeks to form individuals willing to be witnesses and apostles of the message of love and holiness brought by Christ”. Ruggeri concluded: “We are a family in which lay and consecrated members live unity in giving themselves to the unique ideal of fraternity and universal love, also through days of spirituality, formative walks, spiritual exercises, and prayer schools”.

Catania, commemorato monsignor Guglielmo Giaquinta a 30 anni dalla scomparsa

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