Catania carabiniere denies filming video: “It wasn’t me”

The military officer identified as the author of the video showing the judge Iolanda Apostolico participating in a protest at the port of Catania, demanding the docking of the migrant ship Diciotti, has told the prosecutor that he is not the one who filmed the video. The officer, who was questioned for over 90 minutes by the acting prosecutor Agata Santonocito, claimed that he never confessed to anything and therefore did not retract anything either. He was questioned as a witness and was alone without his lawyer, Christian Petrina. Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini commented on the issue, expressing concern about the judge’s actions in the video and criticizing her decisions to release immigrants that the police wanted to detain.

Catania, il carabiniere conferma: «Non sono stato io a girare quel filmato»

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