Castelvetrano, Mayor Alfano protests closure of Matteo School

The decision made at the regional conference is in complete disagreement with the proposal of the mayors’ committee of the province of Trapani and undermines what the mayors had decided. This is what the mayor of Castelvetrano, Enzo Alfano, said after learning that the regional conference has decided to suppress the Giuseppe Di Matteo primary school and split it between the two comprehensive institutes in the city. The mayor clarified that among the proposals, there was also the verticalization of the primary school under the comprehensive institute, while still maintaining the name of Giuseppe Di Matteo. The mayor emphasized the significance of the school’s dedication to social and cultural growth and legality in the area, which would be compromised by the potential loss of autonomy. The new network in the province of Trapani will result in the loss of a school in Pantelleria, one in Marsala, two in Mazara del Vallo, two in Trapani, one in Castelvetrano, and one in Alcamo.

Castelvetrano, scompare la scuola Di Matteo: la protesta del sindaco Alfano

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