Casteldaccia massacre: San Cipirello mourns Giuseppe Miraglia

The article describes the funeral of one of the five workers who died in Casteldaccia while working on the sewage network. The funeral was held at the main church of San Cipirello, Palermo, and the mayor declared a day of mourning for the city. The Archbishop of Monreale emphasized the importance of work dignifying the man and the need to prevent such tragedies from happening again. Citizens of San Cipirello and San Giuseppe Jato attended the funeral in solidarity with the family of the deceased worker. On Monday, May 13, there will be a day of mourning in all the municipalities of the Metropolitan City of Palermo, and the regional government will cover the costs of the funerals. The article also mentions the upcoming funerals of two other victims, Roberto Ranieri in Alcamo and Giuseppe La Barbera in Palermo.

La strage di Casteldaccia, urla di dolore e un lungo applauso: San Cipirello piange Giuseppe Miraglia

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