Casteldaccia Fire Chief: “No collapse, workers killed by hydrogen sulfide”

The article explains that the collapse in the sewage system in Casteldaccia, where five workers died while performing maintenance work, was not caused by structural failure, but by hydrogen sulfide gas. The commander of the Palermo fire department confirmed that if proper precautions had been taken, the tragedy could have been prevented. The gas, known for its toxicity and distinctive smell of rotten eggs, is a byproduct of the anaerobic decomposition of organic matter and is found in natural environments like swamps and marine sediments. It can cause respiratory and neurological damage, even leading to unconsciousness and death. Proper safety procedures, including gas detectors and personal protective equipment, are essential in preventing exposure to hydrogen sulfide.

Casteldaccia, il comandante dei vigili del fuoco: «Nessun crollo, operai uccisi dall’idrogeno solforato»

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