Casamonica wins at Palaoreto: new Italian boxing super lightweight champion

The Roman boxer from Quadraro, Armando Casamonica, is the new Italian champion of super lightweight. He won the title, which was vacant, last night on the ring of the Cus Palermo structure, Palaoreto, after a highly spectacular match in which he won by unanimous decision over Gianluca Picardi from Campania. The ten intense rounds saw both boxers giving their all, with Casamonica playing the role of aggressive boxer, managing to anticipate Picardi’s left punch with excellent timing. Picardi, on the other hand, showed composed and precise boxing, often hitting back and trying to respond with determination in close exchanges. After the first six rounds, which were fairly balanced, Casamonica maintained a high volume of actions and hits, leading to the judges’ scorecards of 96-94, 97-93, 96-94 in his favor. Casamonica expressed his satisfaction after the win, stating that they had studied the match and knew they were up against a tough opponent, and that winning the Italian championship belt had been a goal since he was a schoolboy.

Palermo, Casamonica vince al Palaoreto: è il nuovo campione italiano superleggeri di pugilato

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