Carini’s seafront ready for rebirth: remediation begins after demolitions


The article talks about the redevelopment of the seafront in Carini, which includes a pedestrian path, parking, new lighting system, benches, and plants. This project will also include structures to allow citizens to access the beach safely, as the coast has been cleared of illegal buildings and the cleanup phase has already begun. The mayor, Giovì Monteleone, announced the project and monitored the progress on-site. The work involves a stretch of about a kilometer and a half, lasting seven months, from the underpass of the Milioti stream to the intersection with via Mattarella. The demolition of existing structures has already been carried out, with the beach reemerging naturally. The article mentions that there are nine more structures to be demolished as part of the project, which has been funded by the Ministry of Interior, Italia Domani, and the European Union under the Pnrr for urban regeneration. The construction company, Servizi & Appalti di Calogero Fanara, won the bid with a 36.26% discount and will work on the project until October. Once the cleanup is completed, the focus will shift to the redevelopment phase, for which an architect has already been appointed.

Carini, il lungomare pronto alla rinascita: dopo le demolizioni parte la bonifica

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