Carini driver hits pedestrian with uninsured car: Reported

An uninsured 51-year-old female driver from Carini hit a 53-year-old pedestrian along the state road 113. The injured person was transported to the Villa Sofia hospital in Palermo in critical condition, with a prognosis of 30 days. The woman was reported by the carabinieri for serious road personal injuries.

Carabinieri checks in Carini have led to three other reports for different circumstances. A 47-year-old man from Carini was reported for violating seals, as he was driving his own car, which was administratively seized. Possession of weapons or objects capable of causing offense was the crime charged to a fifty-year-old man from Cinisi who was found in possession of a baseball bat and a sharp-pointed stick in his car. Lastly, a 21-year-old man from Palermo, residing in Carini, was also reported for driving without a license.

Carini, investe un passante con un’auto priva di assicurazione: denunciata

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