Car-scooter collision in Palermo results in one fatality and one injured

A fatal accident occurred in Palermo, Italy, resulting in the death of Maurizio Ciprì, 51 years old. The incident took place in the Borgo Nuovo neighborhood at the intersection of Via Pantalica and Largo Cefalù. Ciprì was riding a Kymco People scooter with a 54-year-old friend, who was injured in the collision. The scooter collided with a Volkswagen T-Cross driven by a 40-year-old. The accident was still under investigation, and the scooter riders were taken to Villa Sofia Trauma Center for medical assistance. The driver of the car was unharmed but was charged with vehicular manslaughter and is now under investigation.

Scontro tra un’auto e uno scooter, un morto e un ferito a Palermo

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