Car overturns on via Giafar bridge in Palermo: one injured, road closed and long queues.

An driver lost control of their vehicle and their Peugeot 209 overturned. The driver was injured on the bridge of via Giafar, in the Brancaccio district of Palermo, after a violent impact with the guardrail, in a section of the road barrier already damaged from a previous accident. The crash was very violent and required the intervention of the firefighters to extract the man from the car. When the alarm was raised, the emergency services arrived, and the driver was taken to the Buccheri La Ferla hospital: despite the impact and the fear, his condition is not considered serious.
Police officers are also on the scene to carry out investigations and manage traffic flow, which has come to a standstill. In the area, there are long queues in both directions, and both lanes have been closed. Investigations to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident are ongoing.

Auto si ribalta sul ponte di via Giafar a Palermo: un ferito, strada chiusa e lunghe code

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