Car in Canicattì destroyed by flames, carabinieri investigating

Fear in Canicattì for a fire that broke out in via Duca degli Abruzzi. The flames destroying a Fiat Punto were noticed by residents who alerted the authorities. Firefighters and police arrived at the scene. The firefighters extinguished the flames while the police conducted investigations to understand the exact dynamics.

The owner, a 43-year-old unemployed woman from Canicattì, was identified. The car was completely destroyed and seized by the police. The woman was questioned by the authorities to determine if she had seen or heard anything suspicious in the days leading up to the fire. The investigations are ongoing and the causes of the fire are not yet clear.

At the end of March, another car was destroyed by fire in Canicattì: a Volkswagen Tiguan parked in via Girolamo Li Causi. The owner of the car was a 30-year-old woman although the vehicle was used by her husband. Both are merchants.

Incendio a Canicattì: auto distrutta dalle fiamme, indagano i carabinieri

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