Car damaged another parking meter, company managing them promises increased surveillance.

New damage to a parking meter in Carini. The company Telereading, which has been entrusted with the management of blue lines in Carini, reiterated that they have no intention of leaving the service. This is the fifth installation to be attacked after the first four were stolen. “We will remain for the next three years – explains Roberto Mazzullo, project manager of Telereading – until our contract ends and we will report criminally, as already done, anyone who damages our infrastructure or attacks, even verbally, our agents, who are by law public officials like a policeman or a carabiniere.”

The company also announces that in the coming days some parking meters will be dismantled to connect them, in real time, with surveillance. “When someone tries to damage them – Mazzullo explains – the surveillance company will receive an alert and will be able to promptly carry out an inspection and possibly involve the police.” In the absence of parking meters, it will be possible to pay for parking through scratch-off tickets or through the app.

“In agreement with the administration – Mazzullo concludes – some improvements to the paid parking service will be introduced to overcome some criticisms expressed by the citizens.” It is not specified at the moment what changes will be made.

“We are very pleased – comments the mayor of Carini, Giovì Monteleone – that Telereading has decided to stay. The current situation is not a protest against the service. The person stopped by the carabinieri in recent days (now released) is known in the area for having committed several acts against the municipal heritage. The behavior of one individual cannot weigh on an entire community.”

A Carini danneggiato un altro parchimetro, ma la ditta che li gestisce rilancia: «Ora saranno collegati alla vigilanza»

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