Car crashes with motorcycle in Scicli: 47-year-old man in critical condition

Road accident on the old Scicli-Cava d’Aliga road, where a car and a motorcycle collided. The impact occurred at the intersection for contrada Pagliarelli: a forty-seven-year-old man traveling on the motorcycle was the most affected. The collision was extremely violent and he had to be transported to the hospital with a red code. He was admitted to the Maggiore-Baglieri hospital in Modica. The car, an Audi, was driven by a forty-year-old woman who was uninjured.

When the alarm was raised, in addition to the 118 emergency responders, the carabinieri also arrived at the scene. The area was closed to traffic to allow for investigations and reconstruction of the accident. There were traffic slowdowns, but the situation returned to normal after the arrival of the emergency services and the removal of the car and motorcycle from the roadway. Investigations to determine responsibility are ongoing.

In the same stretch of road, a month ago, a collision between a heavy vehicle and a Fiat Punto also occurred. In that case, a twenty-nine-year-old man driving the car suffered multiple injuries and was urgently hospitalized. In the Modica area, another serious accident occurred just a few weeks ago. In fact, a car hit and killed an elderly man.

The eighty-seven-year-old was crossing at the beginning of via Nazionale, near via Tirella. The collision was so violent that it threw the victim about a meter from the point of impact. The carabinieri immediately intervened on the scene and requested the 118’s involvement. The medical personnel transported the man to the Maggiore-Nino Baglieri hospital in critical condition, where he was hospitalized. He had suffered very serious injuries which, within a few hours, proved fatal.

Scontro tra un’auto e una moto a Scicli: un uomo di 47 anni in gravi condizioni

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