Car crash in Agrigento: two injured taken to hospital

New road accident in Agrigento. Two cars, a Panda and a Clio, collided, presumably frontally, along the state road 189, near the industrial zone. Two people were injured, both drivers of the vehicles. However, the passengers were unharmed.
The fire brigade, the emergency medical service, and the Carabinieri from the Favara station arrived at the scene. The medical staff provided first aid to the two injured and transported them to the emergency room of the San Giovanni di Dio hospital. The doctors performed further examinations: the conditions of the two injured are not a cause for concern.
At the scene of the accident, the Carabinieri carried out the necessary investigations to understand the exact dynamics of the incident. The road was temporarily closed to provide assistance, allow investigations, and secure the road.

Incidente ad Agrigento: scontro tra auto, due feriti trasportati in ospedale

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