Car and motorcycle crash in Palermo on Lincoln Street: one injured and traffic disruptions.

Explain Simply: Another accident occurred in Palermo, with a collision between a car and a motorcycle around 4 pm in the upper part of Via Lincoln, near the central station. One injured person, not in serious condition, was taken to the emergency room at Civico Hospital with a yellow code indicating no life-threatening injuries. The traffic flow in the area was heavily disrupted, causing long queues towards the city center. The municipal police also intervened to conduct investigations. Another accident occurred this morning on Viale Michelangelo, near Eurospin. A car overturned on the road and ended up on the central divider. The conscious driver was taken to the hospital, but is not in serious condition.

Incidente a Palermo, scontro tra auto e moto in via Lincoln: un ferito e disagi al traffico

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