Car accident on SS118 in Bolognetta: girl injured after crashing into median

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A dramatic road accident occurred during the night on state road 118, in the territory of Bolognetta. A twenty-six-year-old girl lost control of her Fiat Cinquecento, crashing into the central reservation. The impact was so violent that the vehicle overturned.

When the alarm was raised, the carabinieri and firefighters arrived on the scene to extract the young driver from the car and then remove the vehicle. The paramedics from 118 also arrived at the scene and transported her to the Buccheri La Ferla hospital on Via Messina Marine in Palermo. After receiving medical care, she is not considered to be in life-threatening condition. The military conducted investigations on the stretch of road where the crash occurred to reconstruct the dynamics.

In April, another accident in the Bolognetta area had worse consequences. A 58-year-old motorcyclist, Mario Romano, lost his life in a terrible collision between his motorbike and a Dacia Duster driven by a 54-year-old man, who was investigated for road homicide.

Also on board the car were his wife and son. All three remained unharmed. For reasons still to be determined, the car and the motorcycle collided and due to the violent impact, Romano was thrown from the saddle and onto the asphalt. The 118 paramedics transported him to the hospital, where he died.

Just a few days ago, another accident occurred on state road 118, between Bolognetta and Marineo: in the collision between two cars, the driver of a Panda was trapped between the metal. The firefighters intervened, extricating him from the car and handing him over to the 118 paramedics who transported him to the hospital. The driver of a Focus, who was also injured, was also involved in the accident.

Incidente sulla statale 118 a Bolognetta: con l’auto contro lo spartitraffico, ferita una ragazza

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