Car accident in Gela: Father and 6-year-old son in critical condition after collision

A father and son were seriously injured in an accident in Gela. The collision between the scooter they were riding and a car occurred on Via Giovanni Falcone, between the stadium and the courthouse. The impact was violent, causing both the man and his six-year-old child to fall onto the pavement. Emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene after the alarm was raised and transported them to the Vittorio Emanuele hospital with a “code red”. Their conditions are considered critical, and late yesterday evening, on Friday, October 27th, both the father and the child were transferred to Catania hospital by helicopter. Carabinieri conducted investigations at the accident site to reconstruct what happened. Later, two more accidents occurred in Gela. The first one happened on Via Venezia, resulting in an injured young scooter driver colliding with a car. The second crash occurred near the station, involving a van hitting a boy on a bicycle. The injuries in this case were not serious.

Scontro tra uno scooter e un’auto a Gela: padre e figlio di 6 anni in gravi condizioni

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