Capo d’Orlando bridge to the Aeolian Islands: Seacily 2023 celebrates the development of boating on the Island

The four-day Seacily Nautical Exhibition has begun in Capo d’Orlando, Sicily, attracting industry professionals and sea lovers to admire the beautiful boats in San Gregorio’s Marina. The event, organized by Assonautica Provinciale Palermo, has a new participant this year, the Mediterranean Nautical Network. Regional government representative Edy Tamajo highlighted the importance of the event for establishing important commercial relationships and promoting traditional culture. The mayor of Capo d’Orlando, Franco Ingrill√¨, emphasized the extension of the summer season, which is already reaching October. The exhibition is not only significant for Sicily but is also attracting operators from all over. Roberto Perocchio, the president of the Italian Association of Tourist Ports, praised Capo d’Orlando as a prime example of Italian maritime excellence due to its modern design, comfortable parking, spacious moorings, and excellent commercial activities. The exhibition reflects the overall growth of the Italian tourist port industry, with a 3.5% increase in visitors nationally this year and promising prospects for the future.

Capo d’Orlando ponte per le Eolie: Seacily 2023 celebra lo sviluppo della nautica nell’Isola

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