Canicattì gynecologist on trial for death of infant on Christmas Day

The gynecologist Miriam Lo Porto, 38, is being tried for allegedly causing the death of a baby on Christmas day last year. The doctor allegedly failed to diagnose fetal growth retardation despite indications from an ultrasound 19 days before the termination of the pregnancy. The prosecutor’s office claims that the failure to provide this diagnosis on the patient’s file made it impossible for subsequent visits to take place. The patient’s hospitalization could have allowed for the baby to be born before its death, which occurred on December 27th when the woman gave birth to her already deceased baby. A pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for May 6th, and the doctor’s defense lawyer has the option to request an abbreviated trial or a plea bargain. The baby’s parents will participate as civil parties in the trial.

Bimba morta in grembo il giorno di Natale, ginecologa di Canicattì a giudizio

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