Cam Mattresses: Quality and Comfort for over Half a Century

The CAM in Palermo at via Cilea 37 produces mattresses of all kinds and sizes, offering a complete range of bedding products. Founded in 1968 by Benedetto Salamone, CAM (Confezione Artigiana Materassi) has grown over the years thanks to the support of many Sicilians, who have trusted the company by choosing the CAM brand for their rest. Benedetto, like all craftsmen, was the creator along with his wife, of a brand and a product that is immediately attributable to a person, his experiences, and his passion.

CAM has made craftsmanship a value, a true corporate mission, the same one that still moves hands to sew, finish, cut, take and lay. The “production dimension” has remained genuinely artisanal, the mattresses have always been made following the best traditions. A well-made mattress must guarantee good support, the right welcome, and durability over time, and there is only one way to do it: use the best raw materials and work them with mastery. CAM is still committed daily to give continuity to that project that has seen the succession of now three generations in over 50 years of activity. CAM has evolved, keeping pace with the times and today is no longer just a mattress manufacturing company but markets and sells the best in the rest sector. Care and passion unite every day in this work, allowing to always closely follow the latest trends in mattresses, beds, networks, pillows, bedding, and much more: at CAM you can find and discover all the news in terms of sleep and relaxation. With mattresses, CAM proposes a short supply chain that brings those who make things closer to those who make them their own. It is a direct relationship with the customer, who is ensured true and visible quality, without suggestions.

Careful consultation to meet everyone’s needs thanks to the availability of staff with great experience in the rest sector able to follow the customer with empathy, give the right advice in a simple and direct way. At via Cilea 37 in Palermo, you always have the opportunity to see and touch, but above all to comfortably try if the product is right for you. At CAM, you always find the right price. A dedicated delivery service, with qualified, quick and efficient staff, saves on transport costs, to offer fast times, flexibility in time, and a totally personalized shopping experience tailored to your needs.

Cam Materassi, qualità e comodità da oltre mezzo secolo

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