Caltaqua suspends water supply in some areas of Gela

The water supply provider Siciliacque announced this morning that it has interrupted the supply to the tanks of Montelungo and Caposoprano, in the territory of the municipality of Gela. As a result of this decision, Caltaqua – Acque di Caltanissetta SpA, the integrated water service operator for the province of Caltanissetta, was unable to guarantee the scheduled distribution to the users in some areas of Gela: Caposoprano high and low; San Giacomo high and low; Fondo Jozza; Scavone high and low; Marchitello. There is no change to the scheduled distribution in other areas. Caltaqua assures that it will provide any further updates as they become available.

Caltaqua sospende l’erogazione idrica in alcune zone di Gela

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