Caltanissetta in balance: neck-and-neck between Tesauro and Petitto

The article explains the runoff elections taking place in Caltanissetta, the only provincial capital in Sicily where voters from 37 municipalities have cast their votes. In the eight municipalities where a proportional voting system is used, candidates who obtain over 40% of the vote in the first round are elected according to electoral law. Voter turnout was 58.05%.

In Caltanissetta, the mayoral race is still being contested between Walter Tesauro of the center-right (7 lists) with 34.09% of the vote, Annalisa Petitto with 30.34% (supported by the Democratic Party and 7 other lists), and the incumbent mayor from the M5s with 29.53% of the vote. A runoff election is also likely in Gela and Castelvetrano.

In Gela, Grazia Cosentino of the center-right leads with 31.55% of the vote, followed by Terenziano di Stefano with 28.11% and Salvatore Scerra with 24.52%. In Castelvetrano, Giovanni Lentini has 35% of the vote, followed by Salvatore Stuppia with 25.2%.

Similar runoff elections are also expected in Pachino, Mazara del Vallo, Bagheria, Monreale, and Aci Castello. Walter Rà is likely to win in Corleone with 43.8% of the vote, ahead of the incumbent Nicolò Nicolosi.

Overall, the article highlights the ongoing municipal elections in Sicily and the potential runoff races in several municipalities.

Caltanissetta, partita in bilico: testa a testa fra Tesauro e Petitto

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