Caltanissetta affiliate of Cosa Nostra has assets worth 600,000 euros seized, including three food sector companies

The Caltanissetta Court, Prevention Measures section, on the proposal of the Caltanissetta District Anti-Mafia Directorate, issued a decree of asset seizure, under anti-mafia legislation, against a citizen from Nisso who has already been definitively convicted of mafia association, extortion, and drug trafficking, and is currently charged with extortion. He is currently in custody and, according to investigators, is part of Cosa Nostra, within which he has also taken over the leadership of the Nisso “family.”

The investigative activities that led to the adoption of the seizure measure were carried out by personnel from the Caltanissetta Anti-Mafia Investigative Directorate, who carried out the preventive seizure measure. The decree stems from an activity aimed at identifying and attacking illegal assets, including through the use of front men, attributable to criminal organizations or to subjects close to them, whose standard of living was disproportionate to the declared incomes and assets.

The seizure affected the entire share capital and instrumental assets of 3 limited liability companies operating in the meat and food trade sector, as well as 2 buildings and 2 plots of land, 6 vehicles, and various bank accounts belonging to the Cosa Nostra affiliate or his family nucleus, for an estimated total value of around 600 thousand euros.

Caltanissetta, a un affiliato di Cosa nostra sequestrati beni per 600 mila euro: ci sono anche tre società del settore alimentare

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