Bronte town still lacks an assessor, Mayor Firrarello takes direct control

Assessors still unemployed in Bronte, after the mayor Pino Firrarello withdrew all responsibilities, taking direct control of the entire municipal administration. The goal is to reconstitute the board, which has been without an assessor since August, as opposed to the five expected. The last re-composition of the executive was seven months ago, following the resignation of the deputy mayor Antonio Leanza, who resigned in early spring. There have been protests regarding the illegitimate presence of three councilor-assessors in the board, leading to the resignation of the deputy mayor in early July. A month later, the resignation of assessor Nunzio Saitta has brought into question all the balances of power. There is a mysterious councilor who is aware of the approval for the position but hesitant to accept it. Meanwhile, in Bronte, there is growing curiosity about who the long-awaited fifth assessor will be.

Al Comune di Bronte manca ancora un assessore, il sindaco Firrarello ha assunto il controllo diretto

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