Bridge over the Strait, Ciucci sets timeline: project by 2024, opening in 2032

The approval of the final project by Cipess is expected by the end of the year, with the start of the implementation phase through the anticipated works program (construction site preparation, ordnance clearance, archaeological surveys, expropriation) and the drafting of the executive project. The opening to traffic is confirmed for 2032. The Mayor of Catania, Enrico Trantino, expressed support for the project, highlighting its importance for Sicily, Calabria, and the entire South of Italy. Legal action has also been taken against Stretto di Messina spa, with the first hearing scheduled for September 27th, after a collective injunction was filed by 104 private citizens against the company.

Ponte sullo Stretto, Ciucci indica i tempi: entro il 2024 il progetto, l’apertura nel 2032

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