Break-in at Carini shop: Zangaloro sandwich bar targeted

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Today we woke up like this in Carini. These are the bitter words that accompany the photograph of yet another smashed window in Palermo and the province: in this case, the targeted point of sale was the Zangaloro sandwich chain located at the Foresta crossroads. Those who took action did so in the middle of the night, using large stones – then left in front of the commercial property – which shattered the glass of the entrance door. The thieves then entered and ransacked the place. The loot is still being quantified.

When the alarm was raised, the carabinieri from the Villagrazia di Carini station intervened on the scene, ascertained the damage, and initiated an investigation to track down those responsible. The footage from security cameras is being reviewed, as important details could emerge to locate the window breakers.

This is part of a long series of break-ins, the latest on March 27 on Vittorio Emanuele Street, targeting a store selling decorative items in the center of Palermo. In this case, two thieves used three large rocks to smash the glass door of the business at 391 Vittorio Emanuele, specializing in decorative objects and jewelry. After creating a hole, the criminals entered and looted all the gold from the display cases. Among necklaces, bracelets, and some pairs of sunglasses, the commercial value of the stolen goods exceeds seven thousand euros, in addition to another five hundred euros for repairing the window.

Spaccavetrine in azione a Carini: colpita la panineria Zangaloro

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