Break-in at a B&B in Palermo; police stop a young man: accomplice apprehended after rooftop pursuit.

The State police officers arrested two 25 and 26-year-old individuals accused of stealing from a B&B in via Oreto area in Palermo. The two were apprehended on via Errante after a resident alerted the emergency line. When the police arrived, they quickly arrested one of the young men. However, it took a rooftop pursuit to catch the second suspect. The young man reached the top floor and then jumped from a roof to a terrace in an attempt to escape and avoid detection. Waiting for him on the other side were other police officers who ultimately apprehended him and recovered a pair of AirPods and other stolen devices from a tourist. Both the 25 and 26-year-old, who had previous records for theft and other property crimes, were arrested. The judge confirmed the arrests and ordered both of them to sign in at the police station.

Colpo in un B&B a Palermo, la polizia blocca un giovane: il complice fermato dopo una fuga sui tetti

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