Boy missing from Catanzaro found in Ballarò, Palermo

The article tells the story of a 14-year-old boy named Massimo who went missing from Catanzaro, where he lives with his family. His mother reported him missing to the police, but he was found wandering in Ballarò, Palermo, thanks to the intuition of four volunteers from the Sbaratto association. The volunteers noticed something was off about Massimo and were able to convince him to call his mother, who was reassured that he was in safe hands. The police were called and they commended the volunteers for their actions before taking Massimo to the station. The volunteers emphasized that Ballarò is a community where people help each other and they were happy to have helped Massimo and his family. A relative from Calabria came to pick up Massimo and take him back home.

Palermo, ritrovato a Ballarò un ragazzino scomparso da Catanzaro

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