Borseggiatori and Car Thieves: Three Arrests and Two Charges in Palermo

The Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Palermo have arrested three people and reported two others, all accused of theft. The military of the Misilmeri company arrested a 20-year-old, already known to the police, on charges of car theft and resistance. After stealing a van in Villabate, the young man tried to flee first by vehicle and then on foot but was pursued and stopped a few hundred meters later, despite his strong resistance. In Palermo, the mobile unit arrested a 30-year-old foreign citizen who attempted to steal a bag from two tourists near the Cathedral. The same unit intervened in Via Selinunte, where a 26-year-old, already known to the police, had entered an apartment and was caught by the owner who immediately called the Carabinieri. In this case, the arrest was made on charges of attempted aggravated theft. In Via Sicilia, the military of the Palermo Crispi Station reported two very young individuals to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Juvenile Court in Palermo for attempting to steal batteries from rental scooters. The arrests have been validated by the judge for preliminary investigations of the Palermo Court.

Borseggiatori e ladri d’auto, tre arresti e due denunce a Palermo

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