Borgo Nuovo social center in Palermo vandalized again

The article reports that the Social Center in Piazza Santa Cristina in the Borgo Nuovo district of Palermo has been vandalized once again. The building was flooded due to the theft of the water pump, which caused a leak. Air conditioners were ripped out, metal cabinets and drawers were forced open, and faucets and pipes were stolen from the bathrooms. The president of the Fifth District, Andrea Aiello, described the incident as unacceptable and stated that they will request a meeting with the municipal housing authorities to find a solution. The Social Center, inaugurated in October 2022, was meant to be a meeting point for the community, offering activities for both young and old residents. The closure of the center in April due to bureaucratic issues left 220 members without a place to socialize and spend their time.

Palermo, di nuovo vandalizzato il centro sociale di Borgo Nuovo

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