Blutec, Sciara, and Smart City respond to unions about appeal rights

“We are incredulous in front of what we read, especially from the trade unions. The appeal is a right and if, as declared by Minister Urso, the commissioners, and Pelligra himself, everything has been done in compliance with the law, the current process will not suffer. Otherwise, we believe it is more than fair to intervene to prevent what has already happened in the past from happening again.” This is the joint statement of lawyer Anna Ferraris and her clients Sciara Holding Ltd and Smart City Group regarding the appeal to the Lazio Administrative Court on the association of Pelligra Italia Holding Srl with the former Blutec plant in Termini Imerese.”

Ex Blutec, Sciara e Smart City replicano ai sindacati: «Il ricorso è un diritto, increduli alle parole che leggiamo»

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