Blitz against mafia in Trapani, misadventure for a craftsman: mistaken for one of the arrested individuals

A 50-year-old unblemished craftsman defends himself after being woken up in the middle of the night by law enforcement during an anti-Mafia raid called “Scialandro.” He was mistaken for one of the targets to be arrested, Vito Manzo. Thinking they were thieves, he got scared and called the police to confirm their identity. The police broke down the door and demanded him to drop his weapon. In the confusion, a shot was fired from outside the house, but no one was injured. He was arrested for resisting a public official but was not subjected to any restrictive measures. However, he still faces the charge and will have to answer for it later.

Il blitz antimafia a Trapani, disavventura per un artigiano: scambiato per uno degli arrestati

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