Bellolampo landfill, ARPA examinations on air quality. Previous fires inside the Palermo landfill.

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The flames that flared up yesterday at the Bellolampo landfill bring us back in time. The images of July 2023 are still fresh in our minds, when for days the flames, fueled by high temperatures and the sirocco wind, unleashed hell. Nearly a year later, the same nightmare has materialized again.

This is not the first time the landfill has caught fire. Complicating the situation, in the scorching July of 2023, there was also an alarm for dioxin pollution in the area surrounding the landfill, with high benzene levels and concentrations of PM10 and PM2 exceeding the limit.

Nine years earlier, in 2012, another fire affected some brush and then a portion of the waste at the landfill. Concern among the population was rising due to air quality and dioxin levels.

Meanwhile, ARPA technicians and Nbcr firefighters are already working to assess potential air pollution levels in the area of the Bellolampo municipal landfill in Palermo and in the nearby neighborhoods of Capaci, Isola delle Femmine, and Torretta. Last year, a dioxin alarm was triggered after the initial data.

Throughout the night, firefighters and Rap company personnel, with the help of earthmoving equipment from the same company, have been extinguishing the various fires by covering the waste with soil. At the moment, there are two teams on-site continuing with the burial and cooling operations. There are no more flames, but smoke is still emanating from the waste piles.

Bellolampo, esami dell’Arpa sull’aria. In passato altri incendi all’interno della discarica palermitana

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