Beaten and imprisoned, solidarity demonstration in Bagheria for the victim. The mother’s plea.

The local administration of Bagheria has responded to a mother’s appeal to organize a public demonstration against violence towards women. The mother, whose daughter was a victim of violence, launched the appeal on the Facebook group “Pungolo di Bagheria” and the city council answered the call. They will involve council members and show solidarity with the victim and all women who suffer from violence. The incidents of violence had been occurring since August 2021, with the man threatening and physically abusing his partner, forcing her to harm herself and keeping her confined at home. The police arrested the man on charges of abuse and kidnapping. The victim had visited her optician seven times in less than a year with broken glasses, and each time she gave less plausible reasons for their damage. With this clue, along with her courage to report the abuse, the police helped her file a complaint and activate the red code.