Banca Don Rizzo welcomes new management team

The new management of Banca Don Rizzo has been appointed by the bank’s assembly, with branches in the provinces of Palermo, Trapani, and Agrigento. Sergio Amenta has been reconfirmed as president, Nicola Colabella as vice president, and the outgoing board of directors, composed of Andrea Aiello, Isabella Catalano, Vincenzo De Luca, and Vittorio Troia, with new member Giovanni Chinnici. Maria Italiano has been reconfirmed as the president of the Board of Statutory Auditors, along with Dario Allegra and Dario Signorino.

The assembly, attended by over 700 members, unanimously approved the budget and the appointment of the social organs as proposed by the outgoing administration. The 2023 budget concludes the 2021/2023 planning cycle, the first since joining the Iccrea group, showing growth in loans and client deposits. The bank emphasizes its role and ties to the community by maintaining decision-making centers in the province of Trapani.

The director Antonio Pennisi emphasizes the need for cost efficiency and process optimization to continue supporting the real economy. Francesco Leone, who will assume the general management position, highlights the bank’s contribution to the local economy and community. President Sergio Amenta acknowledges the bank’s strong performance in the regional cooperative credit sector.

Vice president Nicola Colabella emphasizes the bank’s commitment to investing in the real economy to create job opportunities and value human capital in the territories.

Banca Don Rizzo, insediato il nuovo management

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