Bagheria, Costanza Foundation awards prizes for creativity

The Constance Foundation awards talents from different countries around the world. The event for the presentation of the Creativity Oscars, as the award is called, is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, June 19, 2024, at Palazzo Butera in Bagheria. The event, sponsored by the Municipality of Bagheria, will feature artists, painters, sculptors, graphic designers, actors from cinema, theater, and various sectors of the artistic and cultural field. Leading the organizational team is Alessandro Costanza, while the other prominent figure in the organization is the general director Filippo Lo Iacono.

The event will take place in the Borremans room, in the presence of the mayor Filippo Tripoli and other institutional figures, such as Dr. Giusi Chiello for culture and entertainment, journalists Joey Borruso, Marika Cefalù, and Gabriele Giovanni Vernengo. Also joining from Milan will be Dr. Giada Eva Elisa Tarantino, an art historian and critic from our technical-scientific committee. Professional photographers Angelo Giorgianni Effezero Project, Gianfranco Martino Xmediaconsulting, and video makers Giole Pennino Masterset Italia will also be present, along with the curators of the Foundation, president Alessandro Costanza and general director Filippo Lo Iacono.

The event will be hosted by influencer and model Martina Panno. The recipients of the award with the plaque “Special Mention Oscar for Creativity 2024” will include Marika Ribino, the artistic-cultural association I fiori di Marisa-Ccreazioni with unique creations of dresses and flowers, the Historical dance academy with exclusive 1800s costumes, Yaren Antonio Fricano of creative video production, singer Armand Curameng, the comedic duo Toti and Totino, radio speaker Gabriella Di Carlo, and violinist Giovanna Ferrara.

Bagheria, la Fondazione Costanza assegna i premi per la creatività

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